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Melissa was the best realtor I have ever met.

She went above and beyond in everything from start to finish! She made me feel at ease when I had stress and worry. She was the reason I am a homeowner now. I highly suggest her to anyone looking to buy. Thank you Melissa!!!


Melissa was an absolute joy to work with.

The home that we purchased with her was our third home and of the realtors and builder of the past I would have to say she was hands down the best to work with. She was very tenacious with the negotiation process and worked heavily to ensure that we were knowledgeable about numbers we provided, and the counteroffers were within the market value of the home and location which was also 100+ miles from her office location. So, going the extra mile is what she does, and this obviously proves she would go the extra 100 miles. After the negotiations she remained very much so engaged with the walk-throughs, taping, inspection, and closing. All which she attended with us or in place if we were not able to make the appointment. I can without a doubt say that anyone that chooses to work with Melissa will exceedingly pleased with the effort that she puts forth in her work.


Melissa made the purchase of our home earlier this year seamless and enjoyable.

This is the third purchase and Melissa by far surpassed other realtors my husband and I have worked with. When I couldn't make it to the home inspection because I had sick kids and my husband was out of town she graciously went in my place and took care of it. I highly recommend Melissa! She is responsive and quick to act!

H. Vilchez-Teller

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